Please note:
Snowball will take place March 18-20, 2016 -- not the usual first weekend in March.
{It will return to the first weekend in 2017.}
Words to the Wise
  • Save a (plastic?) tree! --- bring and reuse your badge holder from last Snowball.
  • Snowball (registration, hospitality, and the games room) opens at 4:00 PM on Friday.
Hotel Rate
The room rate is $109 single/double, $129 triple, $149 quad -- only until our block of rooms is sold out.
Phone to make reservations: (732) 494-6200
Multi-Media Swap -- Sunday Morning
Remember the old saying -- one man's unwanted media is another man's treasure. Bring your unwanted media (books, jigsaw puzzles, games, movies, CDs, video games, etc.) to swap for someone else's and go home feeling rich with your new treasure.
Craft Session -- Saturday Afternoon
Bring your favorite portable craft (it doesn't have to involve stitching) and join other crafters in a friendly event. Share your skills, learn a new trick or tip, or just relax and be creative.
Guests are always welcome. Partial rates available.
We want your SOCKS! Saturday Afternoon

Operation Happy Sock creates and delivers catnip toys to homeless cats in animal shelters. At Snowball we will make these simple toys, called "Happy Socks," by putting catnip in the toe of an old sock and tying a knot at the ankle.

We welcome donated socks that meet these guidelines:

  • Clean – please run them through the washer first.
  • Any type of socks (sweat socks and fuzzy socks are terrific!) will work -- although thin synthetics or nylons may not be durable enough.
  • Any size (baby and kids’ sizes too) are welcome.
  • Even socks with holes are fine – we are experts at making a toy from almost any sock!

It’s time to clean out that sock drawer and admit that all those lone socks will probably never meet their mates again. Give 'em a second life as a Happy Sock!

Thank you on behalf of homeless cats everywhere!

Please note: This event will take place Saturday afternoon. At registration, we will have a box for sock donations, or better yet, bring your socks to Room 210 and make the toys yourself!

Social media
Snowball's Facebook Event (public) -- click here
Snowball's Facebook Group (secret) -- please contact the webmistress to join:
Member run Bulletin Board --
Snowball Cancellation Policy
Registration/Saturday Night Buffet:
  • Can be fully refunded {must contact the Registrar by the Friday before Snowball}.
  • Can be rolled over to the next year {must contact the Registrar by the start of Snowball (Friday, 4:00 PM)}.
  • Can be transferred at any time {contact the Registrar}.
Please note: All refunds requested after January 31 will be issued after Snowball.

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