Snowball XLVI

The nation's longest running Regional Gathering takes place March 2020. Learn more.

Mensa's 2020 Annual Gathering
July 1-5, 2020
Kansas City, Missouri

Visit for more information and to register.

Snowball is now on Facebook!!

Snowball now has a Group on Facebook -- our name is: cnjm snowball. Use it to connect to other attendees and learn the latest updates about Snowball. It is a Closed Group, so you will have to ask to join. The Group is open to all current Snowball registrants as well as any interested Mensans. Contact the webmistress with any questions.

Electronic Delivery of Forvm

An American Mensa motion recently passed will change the default to electronic delivery. Local groups will send electronic newsletters to everybody with an email address on file, except those who specifically request paper.

  1. If you want electronic delivery and have a listed email address, you will automatically receive the electronic copy.
  2. If you want electronic delivery but don’t have a listed email address, you will need to enter one on the national website.
  3. If you want paper, you will need to change the default by going to the national website or by calling them.
It’s very simple. These are your only choices. This should result in a sizeable amount of savings over paper delivery. Suggestions on what we should do with the additional funds would be welcome. Please direct suggestions to our President at: Your Executive Board will then fairly decide what to do with the additional funds.

Attention Business Owners!

CNJM has decided to help promote all chapter members who are business owners. Please email our webmistress with your business' link (URL), your name, and a quick description of the business (see our "Links" section for samples). We'll post it for you!

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