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Intellectual Links

Sky Views
Jay Respler's site that is mentioned monthly in the Forvm, just after Theater in the Sky.
A-Ha Puzzles
A new puzzle site with nice art and background music, continuously updated with creative challenges.

CNJM Business Owner Links

Michael Blumenthal
Libra Technical Center, LLC
Research, testing and development laboratory who works with industry & government agencies (as well as non-chemical forensics).
Lisa Grob
A local artist who has received numerous awards for watercolor landscapes and seascapes. Her work has been published in "Best of American Watermedia Artists" and "Best of American Landscape Artists" as well as the "Asbury Park Press" and "Coast Star." She sells most of her work on her website as well as at shows and local galleries.
Stefanie Mandelbaum
Workshops for teachers and other interested adults which include an introduction to a math/art topic, ways to integrate other subject areas, hands-on projects, and extensive participation.
Allan Marain
Law Offices of Allan Marain
Handles New Jersey and federal charges, DUI, Marijuana, expungements, juvenile, drivers license suspensions, and appeals.
Robert Meelheim
Shore Security Solutions, Inc.
Customized residential and commercial security solutions.

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