Monthly Gathering -- general info -- next gathering
8:00 PM, 2nd Friday of each month
Hotel Woodbridge at Metropark (formerly the Woodbridge Hilton)
Iselin, New Jersey
Garden State Parkway, North/South Exit 131A
Regional Gathering (RG)
Snowball XLI
CNJM's Regional Gathering
Iselin, New Jersey
Garden State Parkway, North/South Exit 131A
  • the nation's longest-running RG
  • 24-hour hospitality
  • interesting speakers - Friday night and all day Saturday
  • new, larger games room open all weekend
  • karaoke - Friday night
  • craft session - Saturday afternoon
  • dj dance - Saturday night
  • multi-media swap - Sunday morning
  • very close to Metropark train station
  • hotel has well-equipped fitness center and indoor pool
  • free parking
  • register online or by mail
  • day rates available
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Annual Gathering (AG)
Unbridled Spirit!
Mensa's 2015 Annual Gathering
July 1-5, 2015
Louisville, Kentucky

National Events

Colloquium 2015
Brain Health
June 30, 2015
(a one-day add-on to the 2015 Annual Gathering)
Louisville, Kentucky
Mind Games 2015
American Mensans get together to play and rate the latest board and card games over one spring weekend.
May 1-3, 2015
San Diego, California
Looking Ahead
Future Annual Gatherings
  • 2016 AG -- San Diego, California
  • 2017 AG -- Hollywood, Florida
  • 2018 AG -- TBD
Future Mind Games
  • 2016 -- TBD

Nearby Regional Gatherings

Snowball XLI
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Iselin, NJ -- Garden State Parkway, North/South Exit 131A
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August 29 - September 1, 2014
Albany NY
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Delaware Mensa and Delaware Valley Mensa
September 19 - 21, 2014
Claymont, DE
Connecticut & Western Massachusetts Mensa
October 3 - 5, 2014
Mystic, CT
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Boston Mensa
October 31 - November 2, 2014
Boston, MA
Winter Solstice RG
Central Pennsylvania Mensa
December 19 – 21, 2014
Bird-in-Hand, PA

Monthly Gathering

CNJM holds a gathering each month on a variety of eclectic topics that have included: guitar-making, military police dog demonstration, NJ tombstone markings, revolutionary war mutinies, and quantum physics proving love (to name a few). These presentations are usually held on the 2nd Friday at 8:00 PM in the Hotel Woodbridge at Metropark (formerly Woodbridge Hilton) in Iselin, NJ.

Members, guests, and potential members are all welcomed. Admission is now free.

At 6:30 PM (before the gathering) please join your Mensan peers for dinner and sparkling conversation at Le Cafe Metro...casual buffet dining overlooking the hotel lobby. The custom-cooked "Mensan Buffet" includes three hot entrees, salads, and a large selection of desserts including fresh fruit. Both hot and cold beverages are included in the price. New Mensa buffet price is $16.35 + tax + gratuity. Anyone who sits at our long table or mentions Mensa buffet gets this price. For non-Mensan patrons at Le Cafe Metro the price is $18.95 + tax + 18% gratuity. Regular menu items are also offered. Please join us for dinner, the program, or both.

Next gathering:

Friday, September 12 at 8:00PM

Charles Keeton: What's the 'matter' with astrophysics?

Mass is a key property of physical systems, but it is hard to measure in astronomy: we cannot pick up a galaxy and put it on a scale. Astronomers therefore have to be clever about inferring mass from measurements we can make. I will discuss the observations and analyses that astronomers use to figure out what makes up planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. Mass measurements in cosmology have led to the idea that most of the material in the universe is exotic "dark matter". While the evidence may be circumstantial, it is solid enough to lead physicists to try to catch the elusive particles as they stream through our planet.

Charles Keeton attributes his interest in space to the success of the Voyager missions and the Space Shuttle program in the 1970s and 1980s. After earning a B.A. from Cornell University and Ph.D. from Harvard University, Dr. Keeton did research at the University of Arizona and the University of Chicago before joining the faculty of Rutgers University in 2004. Dr. Keeton has observed with the Hubble Space Telescope as well as at observatories in Arizona, Hawaii, and Chile. His research has been featured by National Public Radio,, and New Scientist magazine. In 2010, Dr. Keeton received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President Obama.

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