Gifted Children

We are very excited to welcome you to Central New Jersey Mensa Gifted Children's Web Page!

The Goals of this Section:

  1. to challenge the membership, both as individuals and in groups, towards all sorts of achievement
  2. to provide social connections among our temporally and geographically heterogeneous membership (connect smart kids of varying ages who are spread out over a multicounty area)
  3. to provide links and other references, for both parents and kids, related to gifted children, including, but not limited to, links to interesting programs for kids (gifted or otherwise), scholarship programs, book reviews, etc.

Challenging the Membership

"Why not change the world?"

I didn't make that up, it's the slogan of Rennselaer Polytech in Troy, New York (one of my sons went there), and I fell in love with it. Why not? We've got an incredibly talented and diverse group of people, and a future that is challenging in so many ways. Why not start meeting some of those challenges here? So, here's some of the directions I would like this web site to go in:

Be a Web Site Contributor!
This is your web site, so tell us what you want and we will try to accommodate your requests. If you have an idea for the web site that you would like to provide (book reviews, movie reviews, a Diary of a Gifted Kid column or cartoon, original writing/art/music/videos), then let us know. Not only does it make our job easier, but that's really what this web site should be about. I am also hoping that we can eventually "insource" the technical running of this website to you guys.
Exercise Your Brain!
The brain is analogous to a muscle...the more you challenge it and use it, the stronger it gets. As time goes on, we will give an increasing number of suggestions and links where you can work on your math skills, writing skills, personal growth, music composition, etc. And the reason I know it will be an increasing number of suggestions is because you are some of the brightest, most interesting people around, and you will contribute things you have found helpful or interesting.
Group Projects
The ultimate goal of this group is to eventually evolve in-group "cells" (subgroups of members sharing a common interest) that shows the world (and ourselves) what Mensa kids are capable of. Take advantage of the fact that Mensa offers some of the best and brightest to actually do something...implement or even improve green technology, form a band, start a local artists' colony, self-publish an e-zine, film an independent film. Why not change the world?

Social Connections

While I think most Mensa kids are a socially well-adjusted group who interact fine with their peers, we have a membership that does tend to be relatively interesting so we will be providing opportunities to interact. Because there are legitimate concerns about personal information on the computer getting into the wrong hands, especially for the younger children, we will have to work out some safeguards to make sure this is a safe place. Again, anyone with the skills and savvy to help ensure these safeguards should let us know. One hope is that we can arrange a chat room open on a scheduled basis and supervised by myself or an approved volunteer. This would allow for more convenient cyber-meetings, possibly with a theme introduced each week to center the conversation. Group trips are also expected to be a possibility.


Many parents, and some of the teens, may be interested in reference material having to do with the gifted, including books, journal articles, resources and programs for the gifted, scholarship programs, etc. We invite contributions for book reviews, abstracts or relevant articles, and links to websites. 

We look forward to getting the Gifted Children's Program back on the ground and hearing from you in the future.

Lisa Lee, Gifted Children's Coordinator

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