Abby Proctor of the Year Award (August 2010)

Martha McKeon
Out of all the proctors across the country, she is the best! Well done, Martha!

Group Recognition Award Winners

Shirley Connell
Shirley had served on the Mensa Board for several years. Her most important contribution to Central Jersey New Mensa has been as Snowball Hospitality Chair for many years. Shirley is the reason for Snowball's great hospitality reputation.
Bobby Czyz
A former world champion, Bobby has shown great pride in belonging to Mensa and a willingness to help advertise Mensa through his activities as a boxer and boxing commentator.
John Devoti
John has held many positions within Mensa from Recording Secretary to President and has chaired Snowball several times. John writes an ongoing column in the Forvm called "Tidbits of History".
Max Fine
Max has been willing to take on any job that needs doing. He has served as Vice-President of CNJM's Board under four presidents, Membership Chair and Program Chair for several years.
Andrea Gallini Giarnieri
Andrea has been Snowball Registrar for the last dozen years and has coordinated and processed about 300 registrations each year. She officiates over the Snowball registration table and makes those neat nametags for us to wear. She is currently on the Executive Board.
Judith Matray-Devoti
Judy has been the editor of Forvm, member of the Executive Committee for several years, and served on the National Nominating Committee. She has also both managed and assisted at hospitality for numerous Snowballs.
Martha McKeon
Martha, formerly our Testing Coordinator, created a computerized database of over 1200 prospects. She would contact them by e-mail, telephone and letter in an effort to test as many as possible. Often, she was the first contact a prospect had with Mensa and her enthusiasm is contagious. She was also a member of the Executive Board.
Ron Ruemmler
Ron's passion for Mensa is expressed in the many ways he volunteers his time. He is frequently seen at our lunch groups, games parties and collating. A presenter at Snowball for many years, he is also a member of the Executive Board, an Area Coordinator and writes an ongoing column in the Forvm called "Theatre In The Sky".
Margaret Scherbina
Margaret had served Central New Jersey Mensa in many capacities, Forvm Editor, President and past Chair of Snowball. She was a member of the Board of Trustees for over ten years.
"Uncle" Frank Zollner
Frank has served Central New Jersey Mensa in many capacities. He has been a Board Member, President, and Chair of Snowball. He is always willing to help in any of CNJM's functions and give his expert advice when asked.

National Awards

National Service Award Winners

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